Aerial Photos of Large Barge Pump at Power Plant Retention Pond

Our client needed aerial photos of their giant barge pumps in action at a large retention pond. The retention pond is located at the Intermountain Power Plant just outside of Delta, Utah. There is a leak somewhere in the liner and the only way to make repairs is to drain it… so they are pumping all the brine water from one retention pond to the other.  To do this, they had to quickly build a new retention pond next to the leaky one. Then they placed 3 giant pumps on a barge and ran the pipes over the berm and into the new pond.

As the brine water was pumped into the new pond it formed an interesting looking cloud-like effect in the water. The guys running the pumps say it’s going to take them a few weeks to drain it. As well, to get to the barge and back they use a small fishing boat!

Drone aerial photography is an affordable and effective way to get shots of large scale projects such as this. Check out this aerial 360° panorama of the Intermountain Power Plant.