Poppin Wheelies in Luperón, Dominican Republic!

Recently, I visited the tiny town of Luperón which is located on the northeast coast of the Dominican Republic. The town itself is tucked away well inside the harbor which, for the sailors out there, is known as the best “hurricane hole” in the Caribbean. The people of Luperón are insanely friendly and helpful. I was fortunate enough to get to spend a few weeks in the company of my good friend Cliff who lives on his sailboat in the harbor. We explored the town, countryside, and area beeches. We even got in a sail up the coast to Punta Rucia for a couple nights!

The locals are what give this tiny ocean side town it’s charm. The kids play baseball and when they’re not playing baseball they ride bikes. Here’s a short video of the local kids riding wheelies on the town dock and some scenic aerial footage in and around Luperon.

Hope you enjoy…