Drone Photography Services Coming to a Ski Resort Near You?

Drone Photography Services Coming to a Ski Resort Near You?

The drones are coming... the drones are coming... or are they?

Wouldn't it be a great way to commemorate your ski vacation with a drone "selfie" of you and your posse? Even better, epic aerial video of you as you mach down Alta's High Boy blasting through blower Utah pow? Yes please! Ski resorts already offer on-mountain photo and video services so it's a natural fit. 2016/2017 season perhaps? The concern is, can commercial drones be flown safely at ski resorts and will they be accepted by everyone? Obviously, you don't want to drop a drone out of the sky onto someone's head so designated drone flight areas with low traffic would likely need to be established in areas where they aren't a constant annoyance. So yeah, I think it can be done safely and people will get used to them and maybe eventually they will be embraced and loved. Ummm maybe. Yeah, don't worry... I'm not holding my breath, especially after the incident in this video. 

What about drones being used for search and rescue missions? Drone's could be fitted with heat-sensing technology to find people or with LED spotlights to illuminate a large area. The good news is soon some drones will be equipped with ballistic parachutes to bring them softly to the ground. 

OK, do you want to see drone footage of some homie "tomahawking" down the mountain like Ian McIntosh? Sorry, you'll have to settle with this video of skier Marcel Hirscher narrowly missing getting hit by the drone. Wow, that was close! That drone and camera were most likely worth over $10,000.

It was only 10 years ago or so that we were using bulky analog camcorders that didn't even shoot in HD. Now we can record stunning hi-resolution 4k (soon to be 8k) video from borderline autonomous tiny flying-camcorders. Isn't technology great!

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