Drones are the Latest Tool to Help Utah Firefighters

Too much smoke... send up the drone!

Fireman recently used the aid of a drone to help fight a house fire in Orem, Utah. From the ground, the thick smoke made it virtually impossible to assess the situation and determine the best way to safely attack the blaze. So what did they do? Firefighters launched the drone above the smoke and were able to get a clear view of the fire. That view helped give crews the upper hand to get the fire out fast, keeping the 29 firefighters who were battling the blaze safe.

"We fully expect in the next few years this will be a standard tool in the tool box for fires to manage incidences," said Ryan Peterson, a program manager at Utah Fire Rescue Academy. "We were able to get the drone in the air and allow the incident commander to have a full aerial view of the incident."

"They may recognize pending signs of building collapse or a rapid change of fire conditions, which they may not recognize immediately from their view [on the ground]," Peterson said.

Crews expect drones to be common place in the next two to three years and new training program is slated to start early next year. Training will include FAA remote pilot certification which is required for commercial drone operations. Here's actual video from the drone hovering above the Orem house fire as reported by Fox13.

Did you know you can also use a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera (FLIR) to inspect roofs for heat loss and penetrating water? Contact us for a demo...

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