How to Safely Inspect a Roof... Use a Drone

Snow covered roofs are a safety hazard!

When buying a home in Utah and everywhere it's important to know what kind of shape the roof is in. Sometimes it's just not practical or safe to send someone up on roof. That's where a drone can save the day. Drones are a cost effective and safe way to get hi-res images and video of potential problem areas which if not discovered early on can result in more costly repairs down the road.

In this case scenario our client needed a better look of the clay tiles and flashing around the chimney. Of course, if you live in Utah and it's winter there's a good chance there will be snow and ice up there. Instead of sending someone up on the icy roof to get photos and risking injury or worse... we sent up the drone.

Here are a few pics showing the detail we can get with the drone. Note; the images provided to our client are actually much larger which enables them to zoom in for an even closer look.

Did you know you can also use a drone equipped with a thermal imaging camera (FLIR) to inspect roofs for heat loss and penetrating water? Contact us for a demo...

Check out some of our aerial drone videos on our YouTube channel and while you're there make sure to subscribe. 

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