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Aerial Promo Videos for Vacation Rental Properties

Our client, Alta Chalets, needed an exciting and effective way to show where their vacation rentals were located in relation to the Alta and Snowbird ski areas. Together, we made a plan to get a single continuous aerial video with call-outs of their rental properties along the way. With everything planned out all we needed was a sunny day just after a big snowstorm to get that nice winter wonderland shot. If you're familiar with skiing in Utah then you know you don't have to wait for long. Utah is known for stunning 'bluebird' ski days following a storm and this day didn't disappoint. Check out the promo video.

In one continuous mile long aerial shot we were able to capture the base of Alta and Snowbird with Alta Chalets' vacation rental properties and other points-of-interest in between. It was important to get it all in a single continuous shot so viewers not familiar with the area wouldn't get disoriented. We sped up and slowed down the aerial video to give it a nice flow and timed it with an upbeat music track. We think it turned out very well, so did our client... what do you think?

Getting long range butter smooth aerial time lapse video is not as easy as it looks. At Coptershotz we are pioneering and perfecting this fairly new technique. Drones, in the right hands, are a very affordable and effective way for companies to elevate their marketing message (pun intended). We can produce a similar aerial promo video for your vacation rental properties and integrate ground based shots too. Contact us

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